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1.1 The contest was held for the first time in 2020 as an experimental event and was a great success - more than 1600 people took part in the competition. This year, the organizing committee made some minor adjustments to the contest regulations - check below.

1.2 The organizers of the contest are:
- UA9QCQ.COM web-server and Oleg Vdovin, UA9QCQ, personally;
- Russian Contest Club;
- Ham radio portal QRZ.RU;
- Ham radio portal HAMLOG.RU.

2.1 Contest will be schedule from 08.00 UTC to 17.00 UTC February 6, 2021 on all HF bands (160-10 m) simultaneously by CW and Phone (SSB).
2.2. Participants of all categories can operate 6 hours ONLY.
Allowed off-time periods should be no less than 1 hour each.
2.3 Each participant can choose his own portions of 6 working hours from whole 9 hours contest duration.

3.1 Contest exchange consists of RS (T) and participant’s «full» QTH locator, for example: 59 MO16TB
Please check your QTH locator on the site

4.1 Points for QSOs counted according to the distance between correspondents, assuming 1 point for each full kilometer of the distance:
- For 160 m band QSOs with distance more than 500 km: additional 10% will be credited for each of 500 km.
- For 80 m band QSOs with distance more than 1000 km: additional 10% will be credited for each of 1000 km.
- For 15 m band QSOs with a distance of 100 km to 800 km, points are multiplied by 5.
- For 10 m band QSOs with a distance of 100 km to 800 km, points are multiplied by 10.

Example of scoring points:
QSO between RT8U and R7AT.
The distance between correspondents is 3435 km.
For QSO on 10, 15, 20 and 40m = 3435 points;
For QSO at 80m: 3435 x (1 + 0.3) = 4465 points (i.e. + 30% for 3000 km = 3x1000km);
For QSO at 160m: 3435 x (1 + 0.6) = 5496 points (i.e. + 60% for 3000 km = 6x500km);

QSO between RT8U and UC0A.
The distance between correspondents is 354 km.
For QSO on 20, 40, 80 and 160m = 354 points;
For QSO on 15m: 354 x 5 = 1770 points;
For QSO on 10m: 354 x 10 = 3540 points.

4.2 Each new “first 4 characters” locator (for example, KO91, KO92 ...) will give additional 1000 bonus points once for whole contest.

5.1 The multiplier is each «big» QTH-locator (the first two letters of the locator, for the QTH-locator MO16TB - the multiplier is MO) by each mode & each band.

5.2 Therefore, each «big» square of QTH locator can be count as multiplier for 12 times - 6 times CW and 6 times SSB for the whole contest time.

6.1. The final score is counted as the sum of the QSO’s and bonus points multiplied by the total number of multipliers.


BUT! Check the point 7.3 for all the stations located OUTSIDE of EURASIA Continent.

7.1. Scores ranging will be done on the Eurasian continent in the following geographic areas SEPARATELY:

- Europe (all stations located on the European continent).

- Ural, Siberia (stations from the Asian part of Russia located in zones according to ITU 20-22, 30-32,)
- Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan)
- The Middle East and Central and South Asia (Asian stations located in zones according to ITU 29, 39, 40-42);

- The Far East, Japan, China and Southeast Asia (Asian stations located in zones according to ITU 23-26, 33-35, 43-45, 49, 50, 54).

7.2.1 Single Operator - All Bands – MIXED
- high power
- low power

7.2.2 Single Operator - All Bands – PHONE
- high power
- low power

7.2.3 Single Operator - All Bands – CW
- high power
- low power

7.2.4 Single operator - Single Band - MIXED (by bands), without power separation.

7.2.5 Multi Operators - All Bands - MIXED

7.3 Separate ABSOLUTE score ranging will be done on continents outside of Eurasia - only in the categories of «Single operator» and «Multi operators».

7.4 For all participants:

7.4.1 The output power of the transmitter on any band should not exceed than indicated in the license and correspond to the selected category;
7.4.2 There are no restrictions on the number of band changes;
7.4.3 It is permitted to have only ONE transmitted signal at any time;
7.4.4 It’s allowed to use only ONE callsign;
7.4.5 The use of assistance or information from unauthorized persons for the purpose of making QSO during the contest is prohibited, with the exception of the use of open networks (DX-clusters, local or remote technology for decoding callsigns and frequencies - skimmers).

7.5 It’s allowed to make two QSOs with the same station on each band - CW and Phone.

8. LOGS.
8.1 Logs should be submitted (at by using CABRILLO format ONLY.
8.2 The «GRID-LOCATOR» line of the log header should indicate «full» QTH-locator (6 characters) of the participant.
8.3 The participant must indicate his chosen OFFTIME periods in the header of his cabrillo log (by filling out «OFFTIME» lines).
The number of «OFFTIME» lines must correspond to the real number of timeouts made by participant (Including the period from the beginning of the contest to the first QSO - if the participant did not start operating from the beginning of the contest).

An example of filling out «OFFTIME» lines:

OFFTIME: 2020-02-29 0300 2020-02-29 0430
OFFTIME: 2020-02-29 1130 2020-02-29 1230

If the participant worked for more than 6 hours and did NOT indicate his OFFTIME periods (did not put the «OFFTIME» lines in the header of his log), the only QSOs made by him during the FIRST 6 hours of his operation are counted. The rest of QSOs is not counted.

8.4 Applicants for the «SOAB MIXED HP WORLD (under 18 years)» and «MOAB MIXED (operators under 18 years)» nominations must specify the JUNIOR value in the «CATEGORY-OVERLAY» line of the log header.
8.5 Logs are uploaded via web interface –
8.6 The deadline for submitting log is March 5 (5 days after the end of the contest).
8.7 Judging is carried out on the based of logs received from participants.

8.8 QSO points are not credited in the following cases:
8.8.1 QSO is not confirmed by the participant log;
8.8.2 There are busted callsigns, QSO time difference is more than 3 minutes, the band or mode is incorrectly indicated - the QSO points are removed from scores of both correspondents. In case of systematic error from one side, the points will be removed from participant who made an error.
8.8.3 If there is no log from the station and station is «unique» (the callsign is found in less than 3 logs);

8.9 If one of the participants made a mistake in the received exchange (received exchange is incorrect), then 50% of the points for such a QSO will be removed from the scores of both stations and multiplier (bonus) points for this QSO is not counted.

8.10 For QSO with the station from which no log have been received (if all the QSO parameters are correct), 50% of «distance» points for such a QSO is credited, but multiplier (bonus) points for such a QSO is 100% counted.

9.1 Participants are awarded:

9.1.1 ALL PARTICIPANTS are awarded with electronic certificates.

9.1.2 Winners in multi-band scoring category (7.2.1, 7.2.2, 7.2.3, 7.2.5) in each scoring zone (7.1) will be awarded with the PLAQUES «EURASIA CHAMPION». Awarding is carried out if logs from at least 10 participants are received.

Winners in the single band scoring category (7.2.4) in EACH ZONE (7.1) will be awarded with the CERTIFICATE «EURASIA CHAMPION».

9.1.3 All participants who made at least 100 QSOs will be awarded with «EURASIA CHAMPIONSHIP MEDAL» souvenir (subject to payment of the cost of the medal and shipping costs).

9.1.4 All participants who made at least 300 QSOs will be awarded with «EURASIA CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY MEMORIAL PLAQUE» (subject to payment of the cost of the plaque and shipping costs).

9.1.5 If there are new sponsors, the organizers will announce any additional awards & plaques.

9.2 Participants outside of Eurasia will be awarded commemorative plaques for the absolutely best result in the categories of «Single operator» and «Multi operators».

10.1 Contest Director - Alexey Kuzmin, RN3TT
10.2 Main referee - Oleg Vdovin, UA9QCQ
10.3 Chief Secretary - Igor Nasonov, UG3G
10.4 Information support - Sergey Ilyukhin, R2AR (portal QRZ.RU)
10.5 IT support - Evgeny Glukhov, R4AS, Anna Savostina, RQ4A (HAMLOG portal)
10.6 Text Translation, PR to Europe - Oleg Borisov, RL5D & Tim Konovalov, RL6M